Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to school :(

Yes, spring break is OVER! Sadly :( Overall, spring break was unepic & uneventful. More like a normal week! I did the usual: hang out, sleep, shop, work...just no school!

One thing that I did that was interesting was visit the local Hmong market in St. Paul. It's like a flea market & quite interesting. My mommy bought some fruit while I took interest in these:

Too bad they were 12$ -_____- I blame inflation LOL

With that being said, not sure if I'll be blogging too much. If I'll be busy...

But on that NOTE! Here are a pictures of some gladiators I picked up last week. What do you guys think? This picture just doesn't do these cute shoes justice >____<;!

Did you know that flat shoes apparently break your feet? I wasn't aware of that until recently. My friend told me after she was having some break problems & used google. Google literally = <3

Also, my friend & I patched things up. I feel our friendship is one that will last a lifetime. ^____^ Y am I so certain? I've had MANY failed friendships in my lifetime, but this one is quite different.

Last but not least, found this online. KAWAII <3

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