Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long awaited update?

Like I've sadly mentioned before, because of school, I'll be extremely busy, leaving not too much time to update you guys. Sorry! >____<>

Anyways, I recently did my nails. When I say 'recently', I mean they're already chipped, ugly, & broken (SAD). No worries, I have plans of re-doing them soon. So here's a quick tutorial:

{1}Start by taping each nail vertically with scotch tape.
{2}Begin painting each nail any color of your choice. No worries if the nail polish gets on the tape, you'll remove it later. I applied about three coats.
{3}Rip of the tape after rougly a minute or two of drying.
{4}Afterwards, pick another color of your choice & paint the other half of your nail. I would recommend choosing a more wet formula so that the nail polish will just form to fit the shape of the other color. If that makes sense. It will also allow you to put on less coats & assure that there is a distinction between each color!
Voila! Ghetto nails 101 with Cheesecake. HAHAHA

My outfit on Saturday night. Work then friend's bday dinner :)
This is my make-up look. I'm using taupe temptress by Maybelline & I have the Soft Nude color from Revlon on my lips.