Friday, March 19, 2010

Late night post.

This is a post for everyone of you that knows what it's like to have a best friend or someone that you've grown super close to.

Someone so close that they start to irk you in ways that you never thought were possible. Lately, that's how I've started feeling with my best friend. Don't get my wrong, I love her to death. But there is so much I thought I could share with her, that I'm starting to realize I CAN'T!

I'm always there for her, I feel so unappreciated whenever she's not there for me. She's super sensitive, so sometimes it's hard to talk to her. The wrong words will turn a simple confrontation into a 360 degree hell conversation. She's also very defensive, she's used to getting her way all the time, so whenever something isn't the way she wants it, she isn't scared to show that she's upset. Which brings up another matter. Her attitude. She's good at NOT hiding her feelings. If she's in a bad mood, it only takes a milli-second for the whole world to know. All she has to do is walk into a room & the air turns dry.

Every day, a new problem arises & you have to do your best to play Dr. Phil, because it's in your "best friend" job description. But all you want, is for that friend to play Dr. Phil for you sometimes.

Another thing that irks me, is whenever she has a problem, she has no problem confronting it with you, but whenever you have a problem, confronting her about it is like telling her she is a bad person. You take what she says into consideration, but there's no way in hell that you'll ever be offered that same respect. Ouch. I guess that's just reality?

How sad, can this even be called a friendship? But of course!

No worries, in the end everything works itself out, right? Wish me luck :)

Thanks for reading.
Cheesecake <3

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