Sunday, March 6, 2011

SPRING BREAK, but there's still snow.

I'm FINALLY on Spring Break this week, but the weather is apparently going to be POOP...

We're expecting somewhere around 12 in. on Tuesday & I'm NOT looking forward to it!

Regardless, I don't work a single say from TODAY (Sunday) until Friday because I got 32 hours of VACA :D YAY ME!!!

So I guess I'll just be lazing around...studying?! DEPRESSING...

I went to my favorite Mediterranean place last night. Yummmmmmy :)

Casablanca's Best (MY FAVORITEEE)

Hookah TIME :D

Got me some hookah as well. Woot wootttt

Hope everyone is well.

Love yaaa

My whoring pictures for the day. I got bored before eating some Korean hot pot with my mommy. ;) This was before it started snowing a little today & the sun was shining (SIGH) ...