Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I can't BELIEVE how horrible these last two weeks have been for me. Ugh, I JUST NEED TO VENT!

Idk why, but this week just hasn't been great. Not only have I been stressing over school and work, but:
1. I got a 43.5% on my Biology test. & I've been studying HARD for like 3 weeks!
2. I ran into a part of my past that's got me unemotionally unstable.
3. I went over 76 minutes on my phone bill!
4. I sold 3 expensive ass Abercrombie sweaters on Ebay & ended up losing so much profit because I spend 28$ on shipping.

I just need a stress reliever, man. I feel emotionally drained & stressed the fuck out.

Thanks for listening,
as always,

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  1. shiitttttt about the phone bill!
    hope everything's going well now.